ORES – Making Companies More Resilient

On January 28, 2017, twelve leading experts in the field of individual and organizational resilience from Germany, Austria and Switzerland launched ORES – The Association for Organizational Resilience.

President Prof. Dr. Jutta Heller describes the association’s goal as follows: „We’re looking for excellent quality in applied research, diagnostics and implementation. We formed this association to provide this young research field with room to expand while adding focus, clarity and quality to its still unrefined concepts.”

This work is done in the specialist teams of Quality Standards & Continuing Education, Organizational Resilience (R&D, Transfer) and International Cooperation. Our goal is to set up a think tank for all topics of organizational resilience, pursue applied research in specialist teams as well as to conduct internal workshops and an annual open work meeting „ORES-Open Days“ featuring invited guests.

The purpose of the association is described in the statutes as follows:
… Promoting resilience in thought, spirit and action among individuals, teams and organizations.
… Disseminating information and further developing the concept of resilience through conferences, conventions and Publishing and Networking.
… Developing and implementing quality standards on measures promoting resilience
… Promoting and supporting projects through monetary or other contributions

The founding members of ORES are:
Ella Gabriele Amann, D
Jeannette Brenner, D
Ulrike Clasen, CH
Karsten Drath, D
Marcel Frei, CH
Prof. Dr. Jutta Heller, D
Brigitte Huemer, A
Sebastian Mauritz, D
Harry Morgenthaler, CH
Ingrid Preissegger, A
Syliva Kéré Wellensiek, D
Fritz Zehetner, A

The ORES Board of Directors is composed as follows:
Prof. Dr. Jutta Heller (Strategie & Positionierung)
Deputy President:
Ella Gabriele Amann (Quality Standards & Training)
Ingrid Preissegger (Research & Development)
Brigitte Huemer (Transfer & Implementation)
Karsten Drath (International Cooperation)
Press & Public Relations Director:
Sebastian Mauritz
Treasurer & Member Support:
Jeannette Brenner

ORES – Verband für Organisationale Resilienz e.V. i.G.

c/o Prof. Dr. Jutta Heller
Neuwerk 4
90547 Stein
Tel. 0911 – 2786 1770

Press & Public Relations
ORES – Verband für Organisationale Resilienz e.V. i.G.

c/o Sebastian Mauritz
Tel. 0551 – 50 42 818

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