Building resilience for VUCA realities – this was the main focus at the Erding Coaching Conference which had its fourth anniversary from Feb 16 through February 17, 2017. The conference was hosted by Prof. Heller, president of the ORES Association. Among the 37 speakers of the coaching conference, 5 association members were in attendance. International experts from research and the trenches (IRE, UK, A, CH, D) provided practical and conceptual insights into this highly current topic through lectures and workshops. In addition to the discussions above, live coaching and methodology workshops were being offered.

Comments on the coaching conference by association members

Karsten Drath: We were able to shed some light on the topic of resilience from many different angles: From the perspective of the coaching profession (Prof. Peter Hawkins), the perspective of crisis intervention teams (Mayday Foundation), the perspective of top management (Karsten Drath), the perspective of team efficiency (Google) and finally from the perspective of energetic body therapy (Dr. Michael Bohne). Another important aspect being discussed at this conference was the resilience of entire companies. On this topic, Brigitte Huemer of Trigon, also a founding member of ORES, presented a very detailed model offering various options for intervention.“

Britt Huemer: „The selection of contributions for the Erding Coaching Conference gave us an opportunity to look at the challenges of VUCA realities from different perspectives. The range ran the gamut from the big global questions to requirements in organizations in difficult times to very individual challenges. I was delighted to use my contribution „Focusing On Individuals, Teams, Organizations and The Environment For The Development Of Sustainable Resilience“ to present the Trigon Model for Organizational Resilience which is designed to support leaders to improve themselves and their organizations proactively and nimbly within their organizational environment.”

Harri Morgenthaler: „I really enjoyed the two days at the conference in Erding. I renewed contacts and made exciting new ones, and came away inspired by various presentations. Our shared experiences of grappling with what is happening in the world and our shared search for ways and means to support these processes as consulting professionals is very meaningful to me as they provide me with ideas and inspiration for my own professional life. The convention was extremely well organized, I will be back.“

Ulrike Clasen: „The experts have succeeded in covering the wide span from resilience of individuals to aspects of organizational resilience while highlighting their intersections. Insights from research and applied practices have answered many questions of resilience for VUCA realities while giving rise to new questions. This is exactly what a coaching conference can and should do.“

It became clear that a general need to foster organizational resilience is becoming increasingly important for companies in order to survive in the VUCA world. Resiliency coaching should not be restricted to holding the hands of individuals, but rather, building team resilience and an organizational resilience culture should also be explored and addressed decisively. That was the essence of Prof. Heller’s contribution.

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