Specialist Teams

The association’s three specialist teams have developed standards designed to provide companies with yardsticks in the area of organizational resilience.

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Organizational Resilience

… is a reflection of a company’s forward-looking competence. One goal put forth by ORES is to foster companies’ strategic orientation and cultural adjustment.

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ORES is an association of leading resilience experts from the fields of personal and organizational resilience. ORES – Making companies more resilient.

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Here you can find the latest on ORES’s organizational resilience activities and internal activities.

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At ORES, we want to give clear recommendations on what organizational resilience is made of and how companies can develop it. Our goal is to help individuals, teams and organizations to think, feel and act resiliently

Prof. Dr. Jutta Heller


Our association has developed a survey instrument – which is oriented to the ISO standard for organisational resilience published in 2017. This survey was tested in February 2018 in the German- and English-speaking regions.
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Blog / News

ORES Open Day premiere

Zum 1jährigen Geburtstag des Verbands trafen sich die Mitglieder wieder. Am 30.1.18 hatten wir ein produktives Arbeitstreffen und am 31.1. fand der 1. ORES-Open-Day statt.

Cycling to make young people strong

Cycling to make young people strong. Karsten Drath is on the road again for a good cause
Jutta Heller

First ORES work meeting

Fast wie Urlaub: draußen sitzen und ratschen, essen und trinken am Lagerfeuer… und dazu gute Arbeitsergebnisse produzieren. Das war unser erstes Arbeitstreffen.
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