Do you wish to participate in discussions and developments regarding organisational resilience?

You can apply for membership in the following categories:

Expert member
“I have already established myself with my expertise in the field of resilience/organisational resilience.”
Admission fee €500, annual membership fee €500.

Scientific expert
“I am actively conducting research on resilience.”
Admission fee €250, annual membership fee €250.

Sponsoring member
“I have a leading position with an influential personal network. With my company, I am actively dedicated to promoting resilience in society and business.”
Admission fee €250, annual membership fee €2500.

This is how to proceed:
Please print out your completed and signed application for membership to ORES – see downloads – including the required documents and send by email to We will contact you right away to arrange the next steps.

The prerequisite for membership is to participate in at least one ORES Open Day so that we can get to know you personally beforehand. We may possible conduct an interview with two members of the association before admitting you. You can find the next appointments for the ORES Days here…

We usually meet in Munich, as it is centrally located in the tri-border area between the three countries Switzerland, Austria and Germany.


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