That matters to us...

Ingrid Preisegger

Given the current climate, organizations are, above all, challenged to develop crisis resistance to be able to act nimbly and resiliently at the right time. This requires skills and competencies from individuals, teams and the organization as a system. As an association, we provide impulses for exploring this range of topics through effective models and diagnostic approaches while conducting our own research and consolidating existing knowledge.

Brigitte Huemer

We focus on researching and developing methods, instruments and processes to support the resilience of the whole organization. We also deal with practical implementation questions from the field.

Jutta Heller

Quality standards and certifications give companies orientation so that they can differentiate and select the appropriate consultants in the market. With our work in the expert groups we want to create a possibility of comparison.

Harri Morgenthaler

I am committed to the development of practical diagnostic tools and inspiring methods that help small and medium-sized businesses to develop their organizational resilience at all levels. I am particularly interested in the vantage point of “robust and healthy leadership”.

Ella Amann

Demands placed on management consultants, instructors, coaches and supervisors in the field of business and personal resilience development have become progressively complex and demanding over the past 10 years. As a member of the “Quality Assurance and Continuing Education” team and developer of continuing education measures, I am focused on developing criteria and guidelines for general quality assurance in continuing resilience education.

Ulrike Clasen

My interest lies in helping to facilitate the successful transfer of knowledge into long-term and sustainable practices while directing attention to the wide range of topics associated with individual and organizational resilience.

Marcel Frei-Baselgia

I want to help small and medium-sized companies at all levels (employees, teams, management and organizational structure) to think, feel and act in meaningful and inspiring ways. As a member of the Quality Assurance and Continuing Education Team, I am an advocate for training and continuing education opportunities. A major interest of mine is designing and further developing criteria for quality assurance.

Fritz Zehetner

I am concerned with diagnosing the resilience and autonomy of individuals, teams and entire organizations and supporting them by drawing on existing resources to exploit their potential, thereby successfully overcoming crises and stressful situations.

Karsten Drath

Findings in the field of “Organizational Resilience” are emerging rapidly. In many countries, models, methods and instruments are being developed hand in hand. That’s why international networking and exchanges with other associations and research institutions are very important to us. As members of the “International Cooperation” Team, we are initially focusing on English-speaking regions and the DACH region.